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whimsical art

Alisa Proctor | whimsical art

Alisa Proctor

Whimsical Art, Orange County, CA

I paint stylized, whimsical figures that are often depicted in conjunction with animals or sea-creatures as a way of exploring the human-animal connection and raising questions about our interaction with the natural world. I enjoy conjuring feelings of nostalgia and yearning, and dabble in quirkiness, sarcasm and irony. A few years  back I spent a sabbatical year of adventure aboard a sailboat exploring the Caribbean and Central America. This time spent at sea continues to influence my work - with aquatic life, and the colors of the sea finding their way into much of my work.

Although I spent nearly twenty years painting murals and hand-painted furniture pieces, I now focus on acrylic and mixed media paintings.  Primarily self taught, I hail from a long line of artists, and have studied art in a variety arenas, including classes and workshops with master artists. I am a voracious reader, and enjoy collecting experiences, folk art, and textiles from around the world.

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